Monday, October 15, 2012

Burlap Flower Pots

 I am participating in Frugal Photo Friday with Simply Rebekah, and Sewcando, 

So, Fall is definitely in the air, and with that comes the frosty nights that tend to put an end to all my summer plants. I would love to take them all inside with me, but since it would look like a jungle, I will have to say good bye to the summer lovelies and embrace the mums and fall foliage (which I love too).

I do keep a few house plants at all times (the ones I manage to keep alive that is), but wanted to add a little Autumn theme to them, and at the same time bring about some uniformity to mismatched flower pots! What better way to accomplish both than with BURLAP (I am in love with burlap).

So, with a few yards of burlap, scissors and hot glue gun, I set about with the flower pot makeover!

I uprooted some fun grasses growing in my back yard and planted it in a ugly plastic pot. I cut a square of burlap, wrapped it around the pot, and tied it with faux leather string. Voila!

Picture of  my yellow flower pot

Red flower pot (my plant needs revived)

In order to cut burlap in a straight line, mark your material where it needs to be cut and then secure one of the burlap fibers along the edge. Begin pulling the thread.

Pull the thread all the way out of the material, and then cut along the line made by the missing fiber. This will ensure that your cut will be straight.

Here is the Yellow Flower Pot makeover

This is the Red Flower Pot makeover.

I love the way you can take any color, shape, or size flower pot and make them compliment each other simply by adding burlap. The burlap not only gives these plants the rustic flair I'm looking for, but, because the material is really porous I can still water them and allow the extra water to escape through the burlap. Now to grab a cup of coffee!
Have a great day! 


  1. Very nice!

    I can't keep too many plants because my cat eats them, but I do have a few I could try it on.

  2. I pinned this cute easy idea! It's things like this, that I wish I thought of years ago! I love it! Thank you, Julia